Though Defeated Last Session, Campus Carry Bill is Still Alive and Well

"It's not going to go away," says SB 101's sponsor, Sen. Frank Ginn.

The campus carry bill, HB 512, didn't pass in the last session of the Georgia General Assembly. The Board of Regents, the Chancellor of the University System and the Presidents of Georgia's public universities and colleges opposed it. As did many parents, faculty and community members.

No matter.

According to Senator Frank Ginn (R-Danielsville), "that bill is alive and well and in the Conference Committee right now. It could be passed on the first day of the session next year."

Ginn told people who attended a Federation of Neighborhoods meeting Monday night that his pupose in introducing SB 101 was to address reciprocity between Georgia and South Carolina for licensed gun owners. His bill more or less got away from him, and other legislators tacked on various provisions he never intended.

"And then you had Wyatt Earp coming to a classroom," Ginn said. "That would be a huge distraction in a learning environment."

Many in Athens--including UGA President Michael Adams and president-to-be Jere Morehead--are against allowing guns on campus. But across the state, that's not necessarily the case. Rep. Regina Quick (R-Athens) voted for the bill. She said Monday night she told university officials she was going to vote for it if it came up. It did, and she did.

Ginn told the Monday night audience that people across the state need to speak up about the bill, and need to let their elected officials know how they feel.

Tony Eubanks, one of those at the meeting, expressed what many in attendance seemed to be feeling: "It's a bad idea."

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gary grossman May 07, 2013 at 12:46 PM
Just what I want to face in my class of 150, wondering which stressed out, hormone charged 19 year old is packing. Funny how Regina, who supposedly ran on representing Athens and integrity, is willing to pander to her party. I wonder if she'd feel differently if there was a bill to allow concealed weapons in court?


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