Two Congressional Races and Three (or Four) Candidates

A write-in campaign for Charles Darwin took off after some anti-science comments by U.S. Representative Paul Broun.


Unopposed by a Democrat, super conservative Republican Congressman Paul Broun seemed destined to waltz back to Washington, D.C., to continue his attacks against all things he deems liberal. But some strange, anti-science comments Broun made at a meeting in Hart County have proven too much for many in Athens.

Some UGA faculty members launched a write-in campaign for Charles Darwin, a campaign taken up by some members of Occupy Athens. Darwin supporter Tim Denson even resembles the revered theorist, with a black bowler and a bushy beard, dyed gray. and black coat. He has been demonstrating at the Arch for the past few weeks, and believes Darwin can nab at least 5,000 votes in Athens.

Former Republican state Rep. Doug Collins seems poised to win the U.S. Congressional District's 9th seat. He's as conservative as the district, which runs from the Athens Perimeter to North Georgia.

Gainesville lawyer Jody Cooley is running against Collins on the Democratic ticket. He wants to claim the "sensible center," he says, while Collins clearly has captured the right--and the far right. Which is most of the district. It will be interesting to see how many votes Cooley does get.




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