Atlanta High Schooler Commits to UGA Via New York Times

Clare Tiarsmith, of the Marist School, has been blogging for the Times about her college search. The University of Georgia came out on top!

Clare Tiarsmith has been conducting a very public search for the college of her choice -- serving as one of eight high school seniors blogging about their decisions for the New York Times.

Tiarsmith, a student at the Marist School in Atlanta, has been weighing the pros and cons of heading out of state to Northeastern University, or staying in Georgia and becoming a Bulldog.

Today, she announced in a NYT post that she's chosen the Red and Black.

"I had been insistent on going to Northeastern for so long that I felt like I was playing it safe in going to ," she writes. "I had always wanted to go to a school in a big city and experience life in a new place, but Athens is a new place. ... The only way going to Georgia would be 'playing it safe' would be if I didn’t take advantage of the incredible opportunities I can have there..."

Welcome to Athens, Clare.


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