Clarke County School District 2013 CCRPI Results Released

Over half of schools received higher scores this year.

From a Clarke County Schools press release

State School Superintendent Dr. John Barge today [April 21, 2014] released the 2013 Georgia College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) that measures schools and school districts on a 100-point scale.

The CCRPI is the new accountability system that last year replaced the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) measurement in Georgia. Over half of Clarke County Schools had higher scores this year from last year.

“We will continue to use multiple criteria for assessing school and student performance, and remain committed to focusing on every student as an individual,” said Superintendent Philip D. Lanoue. “Using this new metric, we are pleased that over half of our schools received a higher score using this year’s CCRPI criteria.”

The school district’s results are as follows:

2013 Overall CCRPI Scores

Alps Road Elementary 55.4

Barnett Shoals Elementary 75.3

Barrow Elementary 77.6

Chase Street Elementary 85.9

Cleveland Road Elementary 58.5

Fowler Drive Elementary 82.6

Gaines Elementary 52.7

J. J. Harris Charter Elementary 65.7

Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary 65.6

Stroud Elementary 63.6

Timothy Road Elementary 83.8

Whit Davis Elementary 75.3

Whitehead Road Elementary 83.2

Winterville Elementary 73.7

Burney-Harris-Lyons Middle 64.7

Clarke Middle 68.6

Coile Middle 62.4

Hilsman Middle 59.7

Cedar Shoals High 68

Clarke Central High 70.5

Classic City High 46.4

CCSD Elementary Overall 69.8

CCSD Middle School Overall 63.4

CCSD High School Overall 67.8

CCSD Overall 68.8

Notably, several schools increased their scores this year by five or more points – Barnett Shoals Elementary (up 8.1), Fowler Drive Elementary (up 15.9), Timothy Road Elementary (up 10.6), Whitehead Road elementary (up 11) and Winterville Elementary (up 15.8).

Interpreting the CCRPI results

Each school, district and overall level (elementary, middle and high) receives a score out of 100 points. This year’s system was updated from last year’s rollout based on feedback received at the state level. Last year’s scores were recalculated based on the higher expectations of this year’s scores as well.

A school and district’s overall score is made up of three major areas: Achievement (60 points possible – decreased from 70 points last year), Progress (25 points possible – increased from 15 points last year) and Achievement Gap (15 points possible; updated rubric that defines gap size and gap change). In addition to the three major areas, some schools receive “Challenge Points” to add to their score (up to 10 points). They receive these points if they have a significant number of Economically Disadvantaged students, English Learner students and Students with Disabilities meeting expectations.

Other changes impacting this year’s score are:

  • 5th grade students must now pass all 5 core areas of the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) rather than 4 areas
  • 8th grade students must pass all CRCT and required End-of-Course Test (EOCT), rather than only one type of test
  • 9th grade students with disabilities earning three credits in core courses must now pass the required EOCT
  • 9th grade students earning four credits in core courses must now also pass the required EOCT

More in-depth information on all changes is available at: http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Accountability/Pages/default.aspx

The Clarke County School District was named the state’s Title I Distinguished District for closing the achievement gap between economically disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged students. The district is a state-level model technology school district, 2014 NAMM Best Communities in Music Education and has a nationally innovative Professional Development School District partnership with the University of Georgia. Graduates are offered upwards of $4 million in scholarships annually, not including the HOPE.



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