Georgia Cheerleader Finds Peace in the Weightroom

UGA's Anna Watson's strong enough to turn down $75,000.


is known for producing strong football players. Some set records, others don’t.

Now, however, a female UGA cheerleader from Fayetteville is being touted as college cheerleading’s strongest.

Anna Watson, who likes to spend time in the weight room, has bench pressed 155 pounds and dead lifted 230 and squated 255 pounds.

She’s so strong that a company offered her $75,000 to do fitness modeling for them—provided she would take Anavar, a legal steroid. Which would, it seems, help her become even stronger.

No, thanks, Anna said. She said she was worried about the possible side effects when she decides to have children. And besides, she told the Red and Black she is a committed Christian who doesn't believe her body defines her. She attends Athens Church.

Being strong hasn’t saved the college junior from injury. Watson recently ruptured her Achilles tendon.



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