New Uniforms for Georgia Bulldogs: What Do You Think?

New, space-age uniforms seem here to stay.

Well, you can't blame the Dawgs' loss to Boise State on their new uniforms. Not unless you are one of those--and your know who you are--especially superstitious members of Bulldog Nation. 

It's not as if they have once again broken out black jerseys or silver britches.

If you happened to miss it, the Georgia Bulldogs wore markedly different uniforms for Saturday's season opener vs. Boise State in the Georgia Dome.

The Nike Pro Combat uniforms are not like anything Bulldogs fans are used to. It looks like something suitable for "The Matrix." This is the same style that Oregon debuted in the 2010 BCS title game against Auburn.

If nothing else, the new design could get many fans talking about something other than Georgia's latest on-field woes. The Dawgs haven't played for the SEC title since 2005. Thus, a new look can only help.

But we want to know: Do you like the new UGA uniforms?

Now, we know that UGA has many fans in and around Athens, and many rivals as well. All you fans of Georgia Tech and other SEC and ACC schools might not like anything the Bulldogs wear.

But we ask you to be fair and weigh in anyway. Let us know in the poll below.




Nancy Zechella September 06, 2011 at 09:04 PM
A friend fo mine said, "they look like red fire ants." I think they need to start acting like fire ants!


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