President Adams to Cobbham: Sigma Chi A "Pretty Good Use" of Land

The UGA President speaks about students and community members during his monthly press conference in Athens, Ga.

During his monthly press conference, UGA President Michael Adams touched on a variety of subjects, one of which was the fraternity house Sigma Chi wants to build in Cobbham on North Milledge Avenue.

* He wants students to be respectful of their neighbors, but he wants residents to know that students are one of Athens' most important assets. A bunch of students together in a fraternity house? "I don't have the fear that some of my friends do," he said. Adams no longer lives in the President's House on Prince, which is about two blocks from the proposed fraternity house.

* He lived close to a fraternity house in Kentucky while he was at Centre College and had few problems with the brothers next door. If Sigma Chi can work out the parking issues, "I think that's a pretty good use of that land." He said he tends to worry when residents "become negative about students living in the community."

* He genuinely likes students. In the past, he has supported moves like this, with fraternities moving away from Lumpkin and onto River Road and into the community. "I generally have a very high regard for this student body," he said, "and how they comport themselves 99 pecent of the time."

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Irene Budoff September 28, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Does Adams realize that it's not only students living close to residents, which is in itself a problem, but that the proposed fraternity is a massive 2-story building that will be set down in the middle of 2 historic neighborhoods? I went to the last meeting of the historic commission, and it was a joke. The argument was that there were other buildings in the area close to that size. Yes, but they are over 100 years old. The fraternity that was built on Hancock also promised to be "respectful" of it's neighbors, yet an elderly woman stood up and spoke of the noise. One person, who jogs early in the morning, talked of the overflow of beer bottles, often broken, and the plastic cups and vomit that spill out on to the sidewalk. The developer of Sigma Chi spoke to the problem of the design of the new fraternity having far too few parking spaces for the residents (and possible guests), and his answer was the adjacent streets. Have you seen the streets on that side of Milledge? They go back to the horse and buggy days, and are not wide enough for two cars to pass if anyone is parked on the street. Some houses don't have driveways and are forced to park THEIR cars on the streets. I can just see Reese, Harris, Meigs, and the other surrounding streets just filled with fraternity cars, since the fraternity itself can't even park more than a third of them. Sure, Dr. Adams...have you looked into any of this??
Rebecca McCarthy (Editor) September 29, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Irene, maybe he's thinking the problem can be solved the UGA way: build a parking deck. That's what UGA has done all over the campus. Really, who knows what he's thinking?


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