Students at Timothy Road Elementary Report on Their Election

The school's student body voted in a mock Presidential election.


By the 4th grade TRES EXPRESS staff

On Tuesday, October 30, 2012, at Timothy Elementary School, all the kids got to vote!  That’s right, even the pre-K and kindergarten students voted.  Everyone had a voter registration card, and checked in with some 5th grade poll volunteers, and then went into the computer lab to cast their ballot.

On the left side of the computer screen was a photo of Obama, and a small photo of Biden, and on the right side of the computer screen was a photo of Romney, and a small photo of Ryan.  All you had to do was click the mouse on the candidate of your choice.  

The next morning, on TRTV (Timothy Road Television) Mrs. Hardeman announced the results of our election.  511 of Timothy’s students voted.  Some decided not to vote, for their own reasons.  Of the 511 votes, 378 votes were for Obama, and 133 votes were for Romney.  So, Obama won with 74 percent of the votes, leaving Romney with 26 percent of the votes. 

Across the state of Georgia, other schools participated in the online kids’ presidential election  A total of 50,154 kids voted, and the results were 31,746 votes for Obama, and 18,408 votes for Romney. 

Obama won the state election with 63 percent of the votes, leaving Romney with 37 percent of the votes. 

We can’t wait until we are 18 years old and can vote in the real election!  It will be interesting to see if the results of the real election will be similar to our election. 


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