The Georgia Museum's Adopt-A-Bus Program Helps Bring Students to Art

The Georgia Museum of Art wants students to come, enjoy art and realize it's their state museum of art.


In an effort to save money, public schools all over the state have cut back or completely eliminated field trips. Many children will never see a work of art, or look at gems or play in a wooded setting.

The Georgia Museum of Art has recently developed and implemented Adopt-a-Bus, a program that accept donations that fund student field trips to Athens and the museum.

The program was inspired by the museum’s program that brings every fifth-grader in Athens-Clarke County to its building. This program is paid for every year by a private donor.

Adopt-a-Bus is available for grades K-12. It includes both an interactive gallery tour and an art-making activity, both of which last approximately two hours.

“Nothing can replace seeing an original work of art. It’s important for kids to come to the museum so they can remember the experience and realize it’s a place for them,” said Carissa DiCindio, the museum’s curator of education.

Schools interested in taking advantage of the program should contact the museum at 706/542-GMOA (4662). Donors can call the same number or click here to learn more or give online. Gifts of $250 underwrite one or more bus trips to the museum and are tax deductible.


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