UGA Proposes Building Pool at Lake Herrick to Replace Legion Pool in Athens, Ga.

The Board of Regents needs to approve the plan for a $2.6 million recreational pool, said UGA planner Lara Mathes.

It won't be as large as the 12,000 square foot Legion Pool, but its replacement at Lake Herrick will have a shaded pavilion, concession facilities and a modern, up-to-date filtration system. And it will operate the same way Legion does, with local residents buying memberships in Friends of Campus Life to gain access to the pool.

"At least, that's my understanding, and I haven't heard anything different," said Lara Mathes, assistant director of campus planning in the University Architect’s office. She's overseeing the project.

UGA officials have , which dates from 1935. The land where Legion Pool sits is slated to become part of a campus quad and green space for the student housing complex on Baxter Street.

If the Board of Regents authorizes the new pool, its design will be finalized in October, with construction starting in the winter and ending just in time to open next May. The cost for the project is estimated at $2.6 million,

"The pavilion there is in good shape and begging to be put back to use," Mathes said. "The design would allow reuse of the pavilion, and would give great views of the lake."

The Lake Herrick beach and swimming area have been closed for years, "which is a shame," said Mathes. Waterfowl have defecated in the lake and made the water quality unsuitable for people to swim in.

The tentative design of the new pool shows two elevations with recreational swimming on both levels and five 25-yard-long lap lanes on the lower level. The smaller, upper level will house a spa/bubble bench with an infinity pool edge.

The design could evolve after campus officials from the University Architect's Office and Recreational Sports work with the pool designers, Mathes said. In addition to accomodating families and local swimmers, the new pool will also be used for UGA PE classes and will be managed by Recreational Sports.

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Jim Morgenthaler July 23, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Did the Canada geese defect from Canada or did they just defecate in the lake?
Rebecca McCarthy July 23, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Jim, thanks for the close reading. They defected from Canada and defecated like crazy in the lake. And years ago, there was runoff of dog poop from the leash free area in Oconee Forest. It's a shame, that was a nice place to swim.


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