Young Scientists' Fair: Inventions, Aeronautics, and the Tower of Athens

The Clarke County School District 5th Annual Young Scientists’ Fair is scheduled Saturday, March 22.

The Clarke County School District 5th Annual Young Scientists’ Fair is scheduled Saturday, March 22 at Alps Road Elementary School in Athens.

The event is scheduled 8:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m.

This event for families and students in grades Kindergarten-5 is full of science competitions and hands-on activities. The fair will include:

  • The CCSD Elementary Science Fair, where K-5 students do independent research in the areas of Life Science (including Biology), Physical Science (including Chemistry and Physics), Earth Science (including Geology and Astronomy), Engineering and Environmental Science.
  • Clarke Invents, where students design and explain an invention that solves a problem. The product will consist of a drawing or model of the invention, and a written explanation of how it works.
  • A Science Art Exhibit, with categories identical to the Science Fair.
  • Athens Aeronautics, where individual students create paper airplanes using provided materials. There will be three separate competitions: overall distance, accuracy (closest to a spot on the floor) and aerobatics.
  • Athens Builds, where student teams of four create Kleenex bridges to span an 18” gap between two tables. The winner will be the bridge that supports the most weight.
  • The Tower of Athens, where student teams of four try to build the tallest free-standing tower using only paper, scissors and tape.
  • Besides these competitions, there will be a full day of family fun complete with hands-on science activities, demonstrations and shows.


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