Active Positive People Flock Together - But Where?

So, what kind of bird are you? Are you a unique species, with colorful plumage? Animal, vegetable, or perhaps like us, you are a Baby Boomer…or even better, are you an Active Positive Person?

Surround yourself with Active Positive People (APP)! "Birds of a feather flock together." "Survival of the fittest." Sounds a little violent, but picture this: Crossbreed these classic “one liners,” and what do you get? An optimistic, physically and mentally fit, friendly bird with a positive electrode hooked to its tail, possessing advanced skills to survive.   

So, what kind of bird are you? Are you a unique species, with colorful plumage? Animal, vegetable, or perhaps like us, you are a Baby Boomer…or even better, are you an Active Positive Person?

We often identify ourselves as “Boomers,” since we fit the age criteria, born between 1945 and 1964. But we also strive to be Active Positive People…hence our search for other APP with whom to “flock.” We started our search with our proud bunch of fellow Boomer hooligans. But alas, we only found some of our Boomer peers to be positively motivated, while others were content to “sit down, settle down and slow down.” So we kept looking.   

It finally hit us in the face that chronology in itself does not account for a positive view on life. Anyone can be positive and active, with opportunities to embrace, challenges to surmount, history to influence, and people to love. Yes, some of these folks definitely are fellow Baby Boomers, but we have found many APP of all different ages.

"Rich” in life experiences, why not take advantage of years of accumulated knowledge, apply it to something about which you are passionate, challenge yourself to learn something new, conquer a fear; or fill your plate with more things than there are hours in each day? Aging is inevitable, but the rate of aging is not!  “Do not go gentle into that good night….”  

Try this definition on for size: Active Positive People are social beings with positive attitudes and passions, creating value for themselves and others. Active Positive People make life decisions that better themselves and encourage others to do the same - a definition that alludes to what you are today, where you are going and the type of influencer you choose to be.          

Today’s world needs to have more active positive people, don’t you agree? They are fun to watch, and they encourage us all! We believe that soaring with APP is a good flight plan and survival strategy. Maybe you do too. Tell us about Active Positive People in your in your life, and let's encourage all of our “fine feathered friends!"

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Sheri & Bill Eppright April 02, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Thanks for the response, Susan! Ah yes, Boomers are definitely called "bloomers" by us. Did you read our previous Patch article: "Younger than Springtime - Boomers in Bloom" ? lol. Here is that link http://duluth.patch.com/blog_posts/younger-than-springtime-boomers-in-bloom Creativity wise we also think Boomers take the prize hands down. What we worry about now is activity level: we know way too many Boomers that aren’t “moving” enough and obesity is on the rise, bringing in all sorts of medical issues that could be avoided with a healthy lifestyle choice. That being said, Medical technology is still going to take us close to the 100 mark if not over whether we are healthy or not. And our desire is for all our friends to not only be there WITH US, but be positive and active enough to enjoy the journey! Thanks again for the wonderful comment! Positively yours, Sheri & Bill
Cheryl Miller April 05, 2012 at 06:44 AM
I was much more positive before I had to start staying up late to research things like cell tower referendums and RF radiation. I made one vital mistake - I expected to actually be able to enjoy one of those publically funded services all my tax dollars have been going toward for the past 20 years. Did you guess it? Yes, that's right, I had a child (who is a blessing) and I entered the lottery for the publically funded pre-K program when she was eligible (that was the mistake). There should be a support group for all the trauma we've gone through as a result of my child's name being selected. And it's hard to go back to blissfully ignornant about stuff you should be mad about once you realize things really ARE that bad and you are the grown-up who should know how to fix it. But it is nice to know the postive outlook folks are still there - I just hope you pay attention to the school board election even if your kids are all grown because your money is still going toward this sham of a school system so your votes are needed as much as everyone else's to help us get the incumbants out of office before they cause any more damage. Or, perhaps you could even run for office?
Sheri & Bill Eppright April 05, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Good morning, Cheryl, thanks for the comment! While we are Boomers and our kids are grown, our focus and passion is on promoting an Active Positive Lifestyle for folks of all ages. We definitely hear your passion and undoubtedly you are a very active person...we applaud you and are hoping with a new day your solutions and or next step actions seem more promising! We would love it if you "like" us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/PositivePublicImages)
Cheryl Miller April 06, 2012 at 06:22 AM
Okay, I will give it a try! Here's our FB page, too: http://www.facebook.com/Get.the.Cell.Out.ATL.
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