Athens Business Profile: IKE & CO

Angie Pendley is the owner and founder of IKE & CO

A necklace from IKE & CO
A necklace from IKE & CO
  1. Name of business  IKE & CO 
  2. What does your business do? (For example, cut hair, paint houses, cook food, cut grass, write grants, help people get in good physical shape, etc.) I make handmade jewelry.
  3. How long have you been doing this?  I opened IKE & CO in December of  2009.
  4. Why are you doing this in Athens?  My heart is in Athens!  I'm an elementary school librarian and I love that Avid Bookshop carries a line of my necklaces!
  5. What are the advantages of owning a small business?  IKE & CO is a way for me to get my creative juices flowing and to be part of the amazing handmade community.  
  6. If you could change one thing about owning a small business, what would that be?  Finding enough hours in the day and finding a balance between running IKE & CO in my home and having it not take over my home! 
  7. Do you have employees? Are they temporary, part-time, full-time, new or long term?  I don't have any employees...unless you count my three children who help label boxes for me and my husband who makes post office runs for me.  
  8. Do you own the place where you do business, or do you move around (like maybe a dog trainer would do) or rent space (to store your equipment)?  IKE & CO started at my kitchen table and then took over my dining room which no longer even looks like a dining room.
  9. Is anyone else in town doing what you do?  Not that I know of – resin necklaces with a focus on I HEART school names, I HEART ATH, ETC.
  10. Do you like what you do?  I love this little business of mine!  I love that it has grown organically and that it gives me the ability to make something with my own hands, to create.
  11. Do you have a story to share about how your started your business. (“I realized one day that, yes, I could actually design websites myself. So I started doing this and never looked back.”) I was always making something, creating something, but between having kids and being in grad school I found that I just didn't have the time.  As soon as I finished grad school I started IKE & CO.  The first year, I had 100 sales on etsy.  The second year, I was featured on The Pioneer Woman's blog and hit 1,000 sales!
  12. What are you plans for the future (regarding your business), the future being the next five years?  In the next five years I would love to continue to grow IKE & CO and to branch out into wholesale orders and to be carried in other shops.
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