10 Top Father's Day Gifts

Father's Day on June 17, 2012, has great possibilities in Athens, Ga.!


The daddies of 2012 come in all shapes, sizes and styles, but rest assured, there’s a suitable gift out there for the Dad of 2012 that doesn’t come in a tie box. Heck, these days, many dads are more into tie-dyes than ties. Guys who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a necktie are comfortable wearing a BABYBJÖRN. Go figure.

 1. Give Dad a pet. Sort of. For $25, you can sponsor a companion animal through the that’s up for adoption and get your dad his own certificate. He will know that he helped defer the adoption costs for a forever family. For more information on the program, click here.

2. A kid was showing family photos to friends. After a while, one pal said he didn’t know the kid’s father had died. The kid said, no, his dad was fine. But guess what? Dad wasn’t in the photos, he was always taking them. If your dad is into gizmos, why not take him to the next level in camera technology? Opt for the uber product, the new Nikon 1080pHDVideo with full-time autofocus. And maybe then Dad can join the family in some pictures.  

3. Dance lessons. Local dance studios, like Dance FX, offer classes for couples and singles in everything from the salsa and tango to Texas-two-step and Jitterbug. It’s time for Dad to stop doing the rock and roll, rocking from one foot to the other while looking like he’s rolling toilet paper.

4. Cooking classes. What guy wouldn’t want to feel empowered in the kitchen? There are cooking classes in our community. Ask the chef at your favorite restaurant for a recommendation. offers classes regularly.

5. If your dad’s into bigger animals than dogs and cats, give him a goat. Heifer International will be happy to have you sponsor a goat in your dad’s name. You will be helping to lift a third-world family out of poverty.

6. It’s not advisable to give most dads a bow and arrow to bring down game. But you can give your dad some classy tools for grilling that game on the barbecue. You can go for a high-end gift set or a basic one. Found everywhere from to Wal Mart, both sets will likely have tongs, a spatula, a brush and skewers, among other tools.

7. If your dad’s into cars, go ahead and give him a Mercedes or even a Porsche. At least for a few minutes. You can visit the Athens Mercedes dealership and take that baby out for a short spin. Of course, a staff person will come along, but it’s not like your dad’s going to be talking while he’s hyperventilating in the driver’s seat.

8. Frame a Father’s Day card your child has made. Most dads are softies.

9. For dads who enjoy a libation, why not consider a bottle of bourbon? Real bourbon. Like a bottle of Angel’s Envy or Elijah Craig. You can likely find at least one at

10.  A pedometer. Daddies really do need to leave the man cave and computer behind and go out for a walk.  Since some men are known to exaggerate, a pedometer will measure how many steps they really are taking. Hey, it’s another gizmo, so that’s good.

Count Raoul June 08, 2012 at 12:49 AM
I cannot find the 'Like' button. Please advise.
Rebecca McCarthy June 08, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Count, glad you like. The only like button is on Facebook! I once gave my daddy the car....we had such fun! Went to Augusta and drove an Opel GT, which he loved. Hope Father's Day is ffun for you!
Natalie Cox June 08, 2012 at 01:50 PM
In re: #3 - here's a great discount for the gift :) http://www.dealmobs.com/deals/1639


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