Fitness Tips from the Experts in Athens, Ga.

Move it in 2013!


Make 2013 your year to become more active.

Try using a device like Fitbit to track your activity (steps, miles, calories burned), and sleep patterns. Research has shown, over and over again, that if we keep track of what we are doing, we'll be more likely to make lasting changes.

You don't have to use high tech gadgets, but many people seem to enjoy using something they can sync with their phones and laptops. The Fitbit will sync with myfitnesspal (my personal favorite), which is a great cell phone app that helps you keep track of your food intake based upon your caloric goals.

The best way to increase your activity level is break it down into 10-minute bites. Aim for three, 10-minute intervals of walking, running, or rebounding during your day.

For example, you can break these three intervals up into before your morning shower, lunch time, and right after dinner time. If you are physically able, try mixing it up with jumping jacks, jumping rope or dancing.

The key point is find some movement you love and do it. It might not always feel great but your body was made to move and the less you do it the more health issues you'll see developing.

MOVE IT IN 2013!


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